Teachers retain FAILED remarks on PNoy’s Report Card

by Act Phils on Friday, June 29, 2012 at 7:22am ·
PRESS RELEASE: June 29, 2012

Teachers retain FAILED remarks on PNoy’s Report Card as his second year in office as President of the Philippines ends.

President Aquino’s second year in office ends tomorrow and we, teachers, one of his so-called “masters” has not found a reason to celebrate his Presidency. His core program on education, K to 12 is anti-teacher and anti-people in essence.

His “Social Contract with the Filipino People” which was embodied in our country’s 2012 national budget is a contract that prioritizes foreign debt, dole out programs, bloated intelligence funds, and dwindling allocations for social services.

“It is a budget that does not serve the fundamental needs of our people and instead makes use of ineffective measures like the Conditional Cash Transfers and public-private partnerships (PPPs),”Mr. Benjie Valbuena, Vice-chairperson of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) said.

PNoy promised the Filipino people among other things, to improve the quality of education for he considers education as a primary tool to address poverty. But his actions prove it otherwise. He remained deaf and blind to the demands and calls of the education sector.

PNoy’s education program called K to 12, spelled further degradation of our public school system in particular. Government’s neglect of social services like education is reflected in the budget. Diminishing public funds for public education remains a major issue such that our educational system is in perennial crisis.

“Pnoy must prioritize education in a genuine way – in the current budget call and planning, address long standing deficiencies, shortages and call for a higher Salary Grade for teachers in particular. Job creation and poverty reduction will not happen if the same failed globalization policies of previous administrations are retained. There must instead be more democratic income, asset and wealth reform and greater assertions of economic sovereignty in the country’s international trade and investment relations,”” Mr. Valbuena ended.#####


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