A Kindergarten Graduation in the US

An Invitation

A Parent's Message to the Teachers - Patricia Adamo

It's amazing how much the children have learned.  Many started the school years not knowing how to read, or even recognize words. They have progressed from being read to by their parents to now reading to their parents, to themselves, and to others.  They are able to write and they could do some early math.  As parents, we had enjoyed seeing their works on the hallways, their beautiful artwork, their interesting projects, and their very first book report. We are grateful not only for what they have learned, but how they have learned it. The teachers have provided a warm, caring and nurturing environment that was a lot of fun. The kids enjoyed learning and they enjoyed you as their teachers. I did get a chance to tack with some of the students to get some feedback on what they thought about  this past year. So I am going to share with you some of their thoughts. When I asked them what they liked most about their teacher, here is what some of them said:

"I like my teacher because she taught me reading."

"I like my teacher because she gave me fun work."

"I like my teacher because she took me to field day."

"I like my teacher because she gave me extra recess."

Then I asked them what they learned the most.

One said, "I learned the most in math and reading."

Another said, "I learned the most about animals."

And this one is my favorite, "I learned to work hard."

Thank you again so much for a wonderful school year. You have prepared our children well for next year.  Thank you.

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