If We Only Regard Them as Our Very Own....

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For 21.5 million school children,
the shortages this year:

Teachers - 132,483
Classrooms - 97,685
Water & Sanitation Facilities - 153,709 

DepEd has now started the implementation of the second phase of its K to 12 curriculum. Amidst shortages in teachers, classrooms and toilets, DepEd is optimistic that these needs will be met by 2016 when the additional years in high school will begin. 

A mother was worried here in Virginia after finding out that there might be as many as 25 pupils in the class her son would be joining this coming school year. The mother of that 5 year-old boy is my spouse. 

The situation would have been vastly different if my son is about to start schooling in a public school in the Philippines. I wonder.... What would I do? What could I do? What should I do?

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