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A Study of Math Curricula in the United States

Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. , has been providing research and data collection to guide public policies. One of its ongoing efforts is to evaluate Mathematics curricula in the early grades. In the United States, there are several curricula and in this specific study, Mathematica chose to examine four: (1) Investigations in Number, Data and Space, (2) Math Expressions, (3) Saxon Math, and (4) Scott Foresman - Addison Wesley Mathematics. A summary describing each of these curricula can be obtained from this link: The following are links to the websites of these four curricula: (1)  Investigations in Number, Data and Space (2) Math Expressions (3) Saxon Math (4)  Scott Foresman - Addison Wesley Mathematics Results of the study have been released to the public. These are described in the following link:  and the formal report which

A Letter to Principals

TO OUR BELOVED ADMINISTRATORS AND PRINCIPALS Dear Sir/Madam: Warm Greetings! On September 3, 2012, Monday, the budget for Basic Education will be presented for deliberation at the House of Representatives. This is an important event for all of us. We are united in the education sector that there should be a significant increase in the budget for education. This increase should fill up the shortages in teachers, school buildings, classrooms, sanitation facilities, books, chairs and other needed school facilities. This should also correspondingly lead to additional MOOE, living allowances and to the upgrading of our salaries. ACT believes that these are essential factors for quality education to be realized in our country. That is why on September 3, 2012, Monday, ACT is requesting and encouraging you and your teachers and personnel to join in our “Bell Ringing Moment” for 15 minutes (12:00 to 12:15 noon time). This shall be our main form of campaign that will eventually unite us as we s

School-Bell Ringing Day


Statistics on Philippines Demographics and Economic Indicators

The following is a repost (with permission) of an article written by BongV in . The data included in this article are important, and it is the main reason for sharing this article in this blog. Population Growth, Birth Rate, Death Rate, Life Expectancy of Filipinos and the RH Bill Sunday, August 12, 2012, 21:13 Article originally posted on Has much has changed with the trends related to population and poverty in the Philippines? What do the numbers tell us? This post has been updated with graphs and new data from the World Bank, updated July 13, 2012. Comparison of the following countries Demographics and Economic KPIs – Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, North Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong was done. The KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) plotted on a line graph are: Demographic KPIs * Population * Population size *

Neil Armstrong Commencement Speech on Learning

Neil Armstrong, the first man to set his foot on the moon, died on August 25, 2012. He will always be remembered with the words, "That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind". But Armstrong had other words that are worth remembering. His ideas about education likewise demonstrate his modesty and clear understanding of what learning really is. Here are excerpts of a commencement speech he delivered at the University of Southern California in 2005. I have emphasized some phrases. "...A few words to the new graduates: for each of  you, this is a very special day, a day for which  you have labored for seemingly unending eons. You will be the proud possessor of a diploma.  It will affirm that you have demonstrated the ability to learn . You have learned the importance of fact and opinion , but, more importantly, you have learned the difference between them . I would hope that you have come to appreciate the  elegance of simplicity . A simple explanatio

Slogans on Honesty while Child Labor and School Dropouts Continue ....

The House of Representatives in the Philippines is extremely busy. And it has nothing to do with the new curriculum that DepEd has initiated. The House Committee on Basic Education and Culture has recently passed a resolution requiring DepEd to post the slogan "Honesty is the best policy" in all public schools. Philippine Star posted a link to the news item on its facebook and there was one comment on it: House body orders DepEd to post honesty slogans - Home » Other Sections » Breaking News With a House committee passing a resolution on Thursday, the Education Department is mandated to implement the posting of signages in all public schools and DepEd offices which read "Honesty is the best policy." Comment:   I hope an order be issued to remove all tarpaulens of politicians that are sprouting almost all corners! On the Philippine Star website , there were even comments suggesting that the slogans should be placed in all offices of congressmen and senat

"Inclusive Education that Promotes Diversity in Schools and Classrooms"

Pasi Sahlberg wrote: The school network is based on the idea of inclusive education that promotes diversity in schools and classrooms. Steering of teaching and learning has never been based on written standards, but rather upon guidelines encouraging creative solutions within increasingly diverse social and human environments. To bring the above to a concrete situation, I am sharing here a short video of Davao Today made by Mick Basa, John Rizle Saligumba, and Lorie Ann Cascaro: The video above is accompanied by an article: School brings hope to Ata Manobo children Posted on Aug 23, 2012 These lumad children long for knowledge.  Not even their parents can stop them from going to school, even if it means they have to contend with their empty stomachs. By  JOHN RIZLE L. SALIGUMBA Davao Today TALAINGOD , Davao del Norte, Philippines — 15-year-old Asenad Bago, an Ata-Manobo, has made hi

Character Education : Why It Fails

It is one of the subjects in basic education. "Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao" is one of the core academic areas of DepEd's K to 12. Unlike science, this subject begins in kindergarten. And unlike the math and the sciences, there are no international standardized exams that can be used to assess how much students are really learning from a subject that aims to teach values. But like math and science, the current status of society can appropriately serve as a gauge. The present predicament of science and technology in the country can point out that basic education is failing without looking at the results of international tests on math and science. The current situations and issues in Philippine society can truly provide an assessment on whether character education is achieving its goals. Ina Alleco R. Silverio writes an insightful article on this topic. Orginially published in , I would like to share her article to the readers of this blog. Losing childhood’

Teaching Literature in Elementary Schools in the Philippines

The following is a lecture given by Genaro R. Gojo Cruz on how to introduce literature to grade school children. It highlights the importance of culture, basically emphasizing that the mother tongue is much more than just using the language at home. More importantly, to arouse interest among the students, Cruz provides several useful suggestions.  Ilang mga Metodo Ko sa Pagtuturo ng Panitikan sa Elementarya  ni Genaro R. Gojo Cruz Aaminin kong may pagkiling ako sa panitikang pambatang isinulat ng mga manunulat na Pilipino para sa mga batang Pilipino. Naniniwala kasi akong binibitbit ng mga panitikang pambata, partikular ng mga kuwentong pambata ang kultura o sensibilidad ng mga batang Pilipino. Ibang-iba ang karanasan ng mga batang Pilipino sa ibang batang di nakatira sa Pilipinas. Naniniwala akong mabisang instrumento ang panitikang pambata na ilapit ang mga batang Pilipino sa kanyang kultura. At buo rin ang aking paniniwala na mabisang instrumento ang guro upang ilapit ang mga ba