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Friday, June 1, 2012

Suggestion to Solve Philippines' Basic Education Problems

by Flor Lacanilao

Studies on education abroad have shown that the best way to improve basic education is to improve first higher education.  And the best way to improve both is to put only the right people in charge. Right people refers to those who have made major contribution to one’s field, as shown by properly published research works (that is, following internationally accepted criteria).  At present, none of those in charge in higher and basic education has such minimum requirement.

For basic education, the above prerequisite will insure that (a) program components are based on tested studies abroad, (b) curricular changes are based on properly published studies of local problems, and (c) thay have undergone trial runs or verification at selected schools before nationwide implementation.

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[Dr. Flor Lacanilao obtained his Ph.D. (specialization in comparative endocrinology) from the University of California at Berkeley. He served as chairman of the Zoology Department at UP Diliman, chancellor of UP Visayas, and chief of SEAFDEC in Iloilo. Email florlaca@gmail.com]


  1. It was an informative blog and very interesting also. We all say that education is very important to our lives but today's we encountered basic education problem. This is why DepEd launch new way to improve education here in the Philippines and it's called K12.

  2. I strongly suggest that you read the Overview of this Blog. Thank you for visiting.

  3. Thank you for informing me. After reading overview I now understand why teachers and others don't want K12 here in the Philippines and get some ideas saying that "rather than focusing on the additional years, which most discussions on K to 12 tackle, it is important to examine key elements that affect the quality of education" and for me that is right because all we need and want is to improve education here in the Philippines. ☺