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Friday, June 1, 2012

Philippines: Global Competitiveness

The 2012 World Competitiveness Rankings have just been released (May 31) by the International Institute for Management and Development (IMD).

Please see http://www.imd.org/research/centers/wcc/index.cfm for the entire report. An analysis of the results specific for the Philippines has also been made available by the Asian Institute of Management at  http://policy.aim.edu/aim-policy-centers-analysis-of-the-2012-world-competitiveness-rankings/.

Presented here are snapshots of the rankings including some detailed data pertaining to the Philippines (posted here with permission from the IMD).  The Philippines fell two notches (from 41 to 43) in the recent rankings (59 countries are included in the rankings).   What is highlighted here is the perennial low ranking of the country's infrastructure. Over the past five years, the Philippines has ranked 48, 56, 56, 57, 55 in this criterion.  The country's competitive landscape is clearly pulled back by its low scores on basic infrastructure (56), science infrastructure (58) and education (57).  The last table in this post shows in more detail what is involved in the education score. These are the 2012 numbers, which provide a good benchmark for DepEd's K to 12. These are measures that could be used to gauge if DepEd's program is enabling progress in education, which as these rankings show, is very much needed by the country. Time will tell.

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