Philippine Education Asian Laggard

"Philippine Education Asian Laggard" is the title of a news article in the Manila Standard June 11 issue. The article laments:

The country’s top five universities managed to be included in the top 300 schools in Asia but fared poorly against many educational institutions in other Asian countries. 
The University of the Philippines improved to 67th place in 2013 from 68th place in 2012, but Ateneo de Manila University dropped 23 places from 86th in 2012 to 109th in 2013. 
The University of Santo Tomas fell two places from 148th in 2012 to 150th in 2013. 
De La Salle University placed 151st in 2013 ranking, down from 142nd in 2012. 
The University of Southeastern Philippines, a Cebu (sic)-based institution established in 1927 offering Arts and Engineering courses, stayed at 251st rank.
Apparently, the head of the research behind the rankings notes that the Philippines is falling behind Korea, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. This is, however, not the complete story. The Philippines is likewise begin to trail Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The following are the list of universities that made the list from these south east Asian countries: