A Survey of Teachers and Principals

In the United States, Harris Interactive recently reported a survey sponsored by Metlife of public K-12 teachers and principals:

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This was a public service of Metlife essentially giving a voice on current education issue to the people who are in fact on the front line of basic education. The survey involved 1000 teachers and 500 principals weighted accordingly to reflect the demographics of the country. Although this survey is not about teachers and the principals in the Philippines, there are findings that may be of interest. Currently, schools in the United States are likewise facing a major change in curriculum. Although it may seem to other countries that the United States does not face poverty in the schools, this is actually far from the truth. Teachers in the United States likewise face poor children in their classrooms and less engaged parents.

One figure that really caught my attention is the degree of ownership of principals and teachers in the United States. With regard to learning outcomes, they know where the buck stops. Principals take full responsibility:

Downloaded from https://www.metlife.com/assets/cao/foundation/MetLife-Teacher-Survey-2012.pdf
I wonder what one would get if the same question is asked of teachers and principals in the Philippines.