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Friday, May 17, 2013

PNoy’s K12 to worsen education, employment crisis – youth group

Youth group Anakbayan today assailed K-12 program as a “flawed, problematic framework” which will worsen the education crisis and “will further subject the nation’s workers to exploitation.”

This, as President Aquino signed the K-12 law today which will add two more years to the basic and secondary education cycle.

“The K-12, unlike what Aquino is promising, is not a solution to education and employment woes. Instead, it will further worsen and deepen the problems,” said Vencer Crisostomo, national chairperson of Anakbayan.

He said the additional years in the K-12 program will mean additional burden to parents and students who at present are already struggling to finish the current cycle.

“At present, only 14 out of 100 finish the education cycle up to college. Additional years will mean additional drop-outs,” he said.

He also pointed out thje lack of budget for education currently.

“Gov’t spending for education, as it is, is not enough to meet the shortages at present. The shortages will worsen and we will be faced will greater problems,” he said.

Crisostomo said tuition rates for tertiary education will further hike as the government’s K-12 will also mean abandonment for tertiary education.

“We will see more budget cuts for SUCs and commercialization of universities. The government is set to further abandon tertiary education,” he said.

But the greater problem is the program’s “problematic and flawed neoliberal framework” for labor.

“The K12 aims to create cheaper, more ‘exploitable’ labor. The program is to make sure more ‘semi-skilled’ youths enter the labor force as early as 18 years old, which will make the unemployment problem worse. The net effect will be lower wages for workers,” he said.

Crisostomo said that “ultimately, this is an attack on labor and wages.”

“This program will further subject our youths to exploitation by foreign monopolies as cheap, slave labor,” he said.

Various youth groups are organizing protest actions this enrollment against Aquino’s K-12 program.

“There is wide opposition against K-12, especially as it obviously failed during its first year implementation. Students, teachers, parents and administrators are against the program,” he said.

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  1. do you agree with this?

    "The K12 aims to create cheaper, more ‘exploitable’ labor. " this is definitely not true.

    so is “This program will further subject our youths to exploitation by foreign monopolies as cheap, slave labor,” .

    here is how you know: what is their preferred education policy prescription and why wont it create "cheaper, more ‘exploitable’ labor." or subject our youths to exploitation by foreign monopolies as cheap, slave labor,”