Help is Here! Resources for Educators and DREAMer Students

Vista, California, elementary school teacher Reagan Duncan has seen firsthand how our immigration system can wreak havoc on the lives of DREAMer students. And because of what she has witnessed — children being separated from their parents — she is all the more committed to advocate for her students.


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“These are the students who amaze me. They carry the weight of their parents’ expectations on their shoulders. The hopes and dreams for a brighter future shine in their eyes and it is my job, no, my privilege, to give them a chance to get there. They can’t stand up and fight for immigration reform, but I can and I do.”
Following are some resources for educators and DREAMer students to help fulfill those dreams. (Check back regularly for additions to this resource list.)
  • Guide for Teachers Helping DREAMers: A six-page guide for educators who teach DREAMers. The easy-to-read guide offers suggestions on how educators can help DREAMers and where they can get support.
  • Scholarship Resources: The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund maintains an expansive resource page with multiple hyperlinks for high school, college and graduate students. MALDEF offers its own scholarship for law students.
  • 10 Ways to Support DREAMer Students: Concise and easy-to-follow, this two page, made-to-print document by Educators for Fair Consideration offers practical and commonsense advice, ranging from “Be There” to “Access Reputable Legal Information & Assistance.”
  • We Own the Dream: An online interview tool designed to let DREAMers learn if they are eligible for the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.  If eligible, the DREAMer can complete and print out the application form.
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Toolkit for Educators: This17-page toolkit, produced by Educators for Fair Consideration, helps educators support DREAMer students in pursuing DACA, the federal program for DREAMer students seeking to obtain temporary legal status. The toolkit includes an overview of the eligibility criteria; the top five facts to help educators support DACA request efforts; Frequently Asked Questions; and useful resources available to educators.
  • Resources on Financial Aid, Scholarships & Student Advocacy Groups:This comprehensive online toolkit by the National Immigration Law Center offers links to a variety resources.
  • Repository of Resources for Undocumented Students: This document by the College Board offers detailed, state-by-state information on higher education admission policies,  financial aid and scholarships, as well as on support organizations.
  • All In for Citizenship March, April 10: An all-inclusive online resource on the April 10 national rally, march and lobby day in Washington, D.C., to bring about common sense immigration reform now.