A Poem from One of My Students

The school year is almost over in the US so I am taking some time to look back.
The following is a poem I received from one of my students in 2008.

At the beginning of January,
as we took our seat.
Little did we know
what sort of class we would meet.
In General Chemistry we were enrolled.
Would we enjoy it, we had yet to be sold.
With a poem of sorts, our professor began.
We would soon learn he was quite a talented man.

Throughout the semester, we learned quite a bit.
Even at times we were tempted to quit.
From entropy to enthalpy, through acids and bases
From equilibrium constants to cubic faces
From sp character through reaction rates
From electrochemistry through carbon dates
From a wave as a particle to a particle as a wave
To all those times electrons misbehave
From molecular isomers to high and low spin
From silver to gold to copper and tin
From square planar to linear to see-saw and bent
We will certainly miss all the hours we spent
In the infamous walls of Reiss 103.
Thanks for all that you do, Dr. D!