Ten Thousand Books Donated to Philippine Schools

Jessica Botelho of RhodyBeat, an online publication of the Warwick Beacon, wrote an article about the efforts of a teenager, Joseph  "Joey" Alisch:
He’s not the biggest reader, but Joey Alisch, 15, doesn’t mind collecting books. From picture books and novels, to encyclopedias and textbooks, the books aren’t for him to keep. With the help of loved ones, he ships them to the Philippines, and then visits the country to help stock school libraries in poverty-stricken areas. 
Joey, a sophomore at Bishop Hendricken, made his seventh and most recent trip to the Philippines in November. Since he began the cause, he has collected and distributed at least 10,000 books. 
While he is a young man of few words, Alisch said it makes him happy to make contributions year after year. 
“I can’t really describe the feeling – it just feels good to help people,” he said last week in the kitchen of his family’s Cove Avenue home. “It’s one of those indescribable things.” 
But it’s easy to describe Alisch. For starters, it’s clear that he’s kindhearted and generous, and even a bit shy. He’s also intelligent, and humble. 
Mayor Scott Avedisian used the word, “amazing.” 
“The outreach of Joey Alisch is exactly the type of story that we need to hear,” said Avedisian, who has traveled throughout different parts of the Philippines, and has seen the poverty firsthand. “His advocacy for those less fortunate in the Philippines is amazing. I am sure that Joey's efforts are raising the quality of life for many students. Ten-thousand books is an amazing accomplishment, and I am happy to offer the city's congratulations to him.”
Photo captured from a YouTube video 
Photo downloaded from the Facebook page of Books for the less fortunate children in the Philippines
 I actually know Joey's mother, Alma Ritualo Alisch. Both Alma and I grew up in the district of Sampaloc in Manila, Philippines. We were neighbors. Alma's older sister, Froyla, has also composed a video documenting Joey's project:

Published on Jan 6, 2013 
Growing up in a world where you have a choice to make difference is a privilage............ May we all continue to make a difference in this world.
Born and raised in Warwick , Rhode Island, Joey started doing charity work at the age of 8 and continues to make a difference in the Philippines, with the help of all our family and friends, as well as St. Francis of Assisi of Warwick, RI, who are all willing to make a difference in a childs life. He is currently in tenth grade at Bishop Hendricken High School. 
Thank you Froyla for making this video for Joey. We appreciate all your love and support for Joey's misson and vision, ENJOY! 
Video created by - Tita Froyla
Video edited by - Joey
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My Vision: To help the Filipino children.
My Mission: To continue helping build libraries in the Philippines.
"What we have done for ourselves dies with us,"
"What we have done for others & the world remains and is immortal" 
- Albert Pike
To learn more, please visit their Facebook page, Books for the less fortunate children in the Philippines.