Online Schools Fail

There are times when it seems quite difficult for readers to get the message. One cannot post something that is so long that ignoring it becomes the easiest thing to do. People like catchy phrases. And when a reader's attention is won, comprehension is not a given. An article can still be easily misunderstood. So here is a title that is both short and direct. And it says what it means, no additional interpretation is required. Online schools fail.

Politico's Stephanie Simon has a better headline:

The title even points to the fact that US taxpayers are throwing money into something that is not really working. The above is for online K-12 schools in the state of Ohio. Other states with cyber schools are not doing any better. The following are figures from Virtual Schools in the U.S. 2013, a report published by the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder. These figures are self-explanatory.

And to cap this article, here is a figure that displays the other side of the equation, how online schools are becoming a growing business (also from Politico's Stephanie Simon):

Those who advocate for online education need to explain the above results. Online schools fail yet their business seems to be growing fast. It is time to ask if taxpayers are really getting a good deal or not. The data above show that online schools seem to be good at one thing, and unfortunately, it is not on education. Online schools deliver revenues and therefore profits to their investors. This is the area where these schools apparently excel.


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