National Teachers' Month in the Philippines

Proclamation number 242 of President Aquino in 2011 assigns one month (September 5 to October 5) every year as National Teachers' Month. The proclamation describes the occasion as an opportunity "to celebrate the unique role and service that teachers play in guiding families, strengthening of communities, and building the nation". It aims to "generate public awareness and support for World Teachers’ Day here in the Philippines":

To read more about UNESCO's World Teachers' Day visit
World Teachers' Day 2013 celebrations at UNESCO Headquarters
The Alliance of Concerned Teachers in their Facebook page reminds us of an excerpt from a privileged speech given by Rep. Tinio in September 8, 2012:
"The most meaningful way of commemorating National Teachers’ Month, the most sincere expression of gratitude for our children’s second parents, is by giving full effect to their rights—to living salary, adequate remuneration, stability of employment and security of tenure, professional advancement, union rights, among others."
And in one of the numerous pages on Facebook celebrating Teachers' Month in the Philippines, I came across a comment from someone in Paete, Laguna:

Above captured from Jay Cagandahan's Facebook page
As mentioned, this comment comes with photos. These are photos of the documents relevant to the "seminars":

It is truly sad that teachers in the Philippines currently do not receive the support they need and deserve. Worst, teachers are even exploited. Is this how the Philippines celebrates Teachers' Month?