Indonesia to Drop Science and English in Primary Schools

"The desire to make classrooms enjoyable for children can work against education if the fact that learning requires work is ignored. Cognitive development is a process, and like other processes, requires both time and energy. Learning is rewarding and with children, the effort alone is integral to developing the brain. Without challenges, the brain will not master thinking processes. Making classrooms enjoyable means equipping the schools with the necessary materials and inputs for education, supporting adequately the teachers. It means creating an environment that is physically conducive to learning. It does not mean lowering the standards and expectations."

Recently, the Indonesian government has announced plans to reform its basic education:

Only Six Lessons for Elementary Students as English Also Gets the Ax
Jakarta Globe | October 12, 2012

"Following news that science and social studies would be largely scrubbed from the nation’s elementary school curriculum, the government has decided to make young Indonesians’ lessons even simpler by scrapping English language courses — all subjects said to be unduly burdening children...."

The above sounds similar to a statement made by Philippines' DepEd Secretary Luistro:

“Unlike in other countries, many of our Grade 1 students spend hours walking to and from school,” Luistro says. “They are tired when they reach school. I want them to enjoy school, not (to feel) that (it) is imposed on them.”

This is a disturbing trend in basic education in the South East Asian countries....