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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Child Labor in the Philippines: Still Extreme

We do enjoy our clothes, shoes, toys and electronics. In a global market, people are becoming more aware and concern of where these products are being made. One important piece of information that consumers need and want to know is whether child labor is involved. Maplecroft has been providing this information to the world in terms of an index on child labor. This index measures the risk that a company has child labor present in their supply chain in each of the 197 countries covered. In 2012, the Philippines was mentioned when Maplecroft introduced its index for that year:

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Above is a screen capture of
The Philippines ranked 25th among 197 countries. In the 2014 index, there are now 83 countries deemed as "extreme risk". And the Philippines continues to be among the "extreme risk" countries:

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South America leads battle against child labour but Russia and China lagging –
Maplecroft Child Labour Index 2014
"The Child Labour Index 2014 evaluates the frequency and severity of reported child labour incidents, as well as the performance of governments in preventing child labour and ensuring the accountability of perpetrators. It has been developed to enable companies to understand and identify risks of children being employed within their supply chains in violation of international standards on minimum age of employment or in occupations that limit or damage their overall development."

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