"Teach Me You Did"

It is May 4 and this week, in schools across the United States, it is Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week. Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers is asking us to pause for a moment and thank our teachers who have turned us into "jedis". Weingarten exhorts, "It’s well past time that when someone says they are a teacher, the response they get is “thank you,” not “why?”".

Above copied from ActionNetwork
I have been fortunate to have a very caring and supportive first grade teacher, Ms. Mazo. She saw my strength and cultivated it. My teacher in fifth and sixth grades, Ms. Bacani, steered me into the sciences. I would not have known of Manila Science High School, if not for her.

But today, I would like to thank teachers and staff as a parent. My son and I had to wake up early today. His class was scheduled for a field trip today in Richmond, Virginia.

My son goes to Mason Crest Elementary School and its principal, Brian Butler, who is accompanying the class with their teachers and volunteer parents, shares the following photos.

My son and his classmates are visiting the Virginia Historical Society and the Children's Science Museum in Richmond. My son above seems to be enjoying static electricity. And I truly appreciate when a principal shares with me something good that he sees with my son.

My son is probably going to be quite tired at the end of this day. This year, he has been learning in school the history of Virginia. Today, he sees those stories in display.

Above photos copied from Mason Crest Elementary School Facebook Page
To the principals, teachers and staff at Mason Crest, thank you.