A Multicultural Night at an Elementary School

In addition to priding itself as a professional learning community, Mason Crest Elementary School is also home to an international mix of children.

Mason Crest Elementary School webpage with my son on the cover

These students are not just children of immigrants. These children were born in other countries. Flags representing the countries of origin of students at Mason Crest can decorate its entire gym.

Unlike schools in the Philippines where students celebrate United Nations Day by wearing costumes from various countries, Mason Crest is multicultural every single day of the week.

Even the rice cakes (puto) from a Filipino family came in different colors.

A lot of the children at Mason Crest speak a language other than English at home. Yet, even without mother tongue instruction, it is obvious that all the children feel at home at Mason Crest. And in just one night of celebration, the children and their parents were able to go around the world, tasting food from various countries, seeing costumes and works of art, celebrating and appreciating differences, and at the same time, being one.

The video below is from the multicultural evening held at Mason Crest last year: