The Time to Change Course Is Now

"The bat has to get rid of the large tree by echolocation or else it will bump and hurt its head." This statement is one of the the 775 errors Antonio Calipjo Go, an academic supervisor at Marian School of Quezon City, has found in a learning material for Grade 4 science published by the Philippines' DepEd. The book which is about 300 pages long has more errors than pages. It comes at a cost of 82 million pesos (about 2 million US dollars). 

Above copied from Wrecking Ball
Reacting to Go's expose, Dean Bacobo posted the following on Facebook:

The Senior High School years of DepEd's K to 12 are scheduled to begin in about six months. Surely, producing a decent science book for Grade 4 is a much easier task than adding two years at the end of high school. Yet, the grade 4 Science Learning Material is a clear testament of the gross incompetence of the Philippines' Department of Education. 

Sadly, DepEd's K to 12 is not the only legacy of the Aquino administration. There is the never ending fight against corruption which actually targets only the political opponents of the administration. There is that promise to be run over by a train if problems are not fixed by the end of this year. There is super typhoon Yolanda. Its extraordinary strength is sure to be remembered. Unfortunately, how bad Aquino responded to this disaster is likewise memorable. And, of course, the Mamapasano massacre....

DepEd's K to 12 is set to continue even beyond the Aquino's administration. Not providing students with the basic inputs required means condemning the children to learn not because of, but in spite of the government's help. Quality is not in the number of years. There is no point in adding two more years if learning materials are deeply flawed, classrooms are lacking, and teachers are grossly disenfranchised. Stopping DepEd's K to 12 before it becomes a total train wreck is one of the best resolutions at this time.