Christmas Is Around the Corner

With shorter days, longer nights, and colder weather (if you happen to live in the northern hemisphere), nature seems calling us to return home, giving us an opportunity to reflect and nurture our inner self. Decorations can surely lift our mood. Decked halls are meant to bring out that holiday spirit especially during a winter solstice. A giant inflatable Santa Claus standing on one of the roofs near Georgetown University is certainly a welcoming sight to see in the morning from the Key Bridge. It is Christmas.

Oliver Wainwright was perhaps not trying to outdo Scrooge when he wrote "Santa's real workshop: the town in China that makes the world's Christmas decorations" in the Guardian about a year ago. Nonetheless, the article did raise some questions regarding how to decorate for Christmas.

Above copied from Oliver Wainwright's Guardian article
Since we are in a time conducive for reflection, we might as well think about Christmas decorations. One time, I spent the holiday season with my PhD mentor and her family. As I was helping decorate the tree, she told me that each ornament that she placed on a tree meant something. With each piece she hanged, she was reminded of where it came from.

With this in mind, what decorations out there would be better than those produced by our young children? Public elementary schools in Fairfax county have School Age Child Care (SACC) programs. The school my children attend has one of course and their walls definitely say that Christmas is just around the corner.

My PhD mentor surely taught me more than chemistry.