National School Breakfast Week in the US

The first week of March in the United States is designated as the National School Breakfast Week. This year's theme is "Be a Star with School Breakfast":

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This reminded me of thoughts I heard from colleagues regarding Philippine basic education. One said, "In fact, another problem that has not been confronted adequately is the fact that many of the children are malnourished and go to school hungry. Many need eyeglasses." Another remarked, "I wonder if for all this talk about curriculum and K-12, the one solution to the education of Filipino children is a feeding program."

This may be surprising to some, but the United States also faces problems of childhood hunger. Deloitte recently released a white paper, "Ending Childhood hunger: A social impact analysis". Together with the "No Kid Hungry Campaign", the report highlighted the following facts:

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And the following demonstrate the impact of providing breakfast to poor children on their attendance and performance:

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Providing breakfast to poor children in schools should not occur only in a week. Feeding children is a continuing commitment. Feeding programs, of course, come with costs. But the returns are very promising especially when spending on textbooks, school supplies, classrooms, teachers' salaries would not really matter since a hungry child cannot really focus on learning in school.

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