Trump Through The Eyes Of A Fifth Grader

The following is a guest post from my daughter. This article is scheduled to be published in her school's newspaper.

President Trump Crisis
By: Amelia de Dios

As you all know, this coronavirus crisis is a huge deal in many ways. Our economy is growing weak. People cannot get money they need, which means no food. They must wait in lines for more than an hour, so that they can feed their family. States are competing for masks so they can be safe. People are having to eat less so that they can have a shelter to live in! And what is President Trump doing to help?


As you know, because of social distancing some places are closed. But they still must pay rent. But if they are not making money, then how can they pay rent? The answer is, they can’t. And if they can’t pay rent, they close. And the employees that worked there are now jobless. And if they are jobless, they don’t make money. And if you don’t make money you can’t buy food, pay rent for a shelter, and buy clothes. And if they can’t buy stuff, the people who sell stuff don’t make money either! If this continues it will be the great depression all over! So, people are waiting in line for over 3 hours to feed them and their family. While farmers are throwing away good food when they could be donating it to the food bank! The important thing in controlling a pandemic is tracking and isolation, to do this, testing is necessary. Trump must do this first. To help businesses and individuals, additional economic aid is needed. To help farmers, the government can purchase these products and give these to the food bank. But Trump does not tell the government to do that. So, now people are suffering, without a home or without food. When Trump has the ability to save our country, he fails.

Mask War

There are special types of masks that can protect you from the coronavirus. In the law it states that if we are in a crisis the President is allowed to put the Defense Production Act into motion. Defense Production Act, allows the government to enforce a law where companies that usually don’t make masks, now have to make masks. Those masks are then shipped to hospitals and other places that need them. However, some places are having trouble getting the masks they need and many health care workers are forced to use the same mask over and over. Hospitals already spent so much money on masks and with elective procedures suspended some hospitals are forced to lay off workers. And in a time when many people are going to the hospital, the last thing they want to do is have to fire people.

The Truth

America is #1 with cases of corona. We are not doing well. We are not testing as much as we should be. Because we don’t test a lot, we don’t have an accurate number of cases. Which means, we could have 3 times more cases then we already have. Trump goes to speeches and tells everyone; we are doing fine. The truth is we are not. He likes to look good, because honestly his attention is not on this crisis. He leaves this matter for the governors and focuses on giving the people what they want to hear. And that is wrong. For one huge reason: What he is telling is not the truth. America is not doing amazing. People are going outside to protest because they want their jobs. And get the corona doing it! Nurses are not able to go home to their families. People are dying, and only able to see their family for the last time online. People are suffering. And he tells everyone we are doing great. We need leadership at this moment. We need someone to help. Someone who cares about the country. Someone who is fair. Someone who can tell us the truth. And that someone, is not Trump.

Health care

President Trump attempted to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which would cause stress and anxiety to over 2.6 million families who rely on the health care coverage the ACA provides. Sadly, the coronavirus is showing up in greater numbers in communities of color. These are many of the same communities that rely on the Affordable Care Act to provide health insurance to their families.

Gun Violence

In recent years, it has been easier to get a gun with no background check. However, school shootings and other gun violence has gone up. Many innocent people have died. People are using guns that are meant for war or other military conflict. This should not be happening.


Trump accepted a law saying immigrants cannot live in America. He also said, “We speak English in America.” America has no official language. He also called the corona virus “the China virus”. He is so disrespectful. People are being deported cause they're not American. He turned a blind eye to illegal anti-transgender discrimination in schools. He also erased LGBTQ from federal surveys, making it impossible to know if government programs serve fairly. He supported economic policies that are detrimental to communities of color. Supported education policies that do not support students of color. He also was extremely rude to a disabled person. He’s racist! Now you know that there are many facts to base, why is he not helping our country?

Now, I could make this article 10 pages long, and write about all the things I think are harming our country right now, but I won’t. He has done some actions that are harsh to this country.

In the process of drafting this article, there are protests happening all over the country calling for racial justice. I was saddened to watch on TV as police officers tear-gassed peaceful protesters outside the White House. This should not be happening to Washington DC protesters. He chose DC because it is not a state. So, there is no governor in charge of it. He sent the military to do this. Then, he reminded everyone of the 2nd amendment. The 2nd amendment states that you can protect yourself. Now, why would you send the military and tell people to protect yourselves at the same time?! Some have a theory that he wants to start a war. Others just say he’s crazy. What matters is you have seen some of the facts. You have seen what he does to this country: All facts to base my opinions.

I may be just a 5th grader, but “a pen is stronger than a sword”.

The End