An Important Lesson For All Our Children

I am taking the liberty of sharing in this blog a post made by a former school principal, Brian Butler. It is a simple story yet it vividly demonstrates what we often take for granted in our daily lives. Life is truly different if we are among the disfavored. Our society is broken and all of us and especially our children have a lot to learn and understand. Only then can we truly change our communities for the better,

Brian Butler with his parents, Paul, Sr. and Doris

It happens and just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean we don’t experience it!
This is what I don’t want from this post:
“Oh Brian I am so sorry, or I can’t believe that happened, or ..... This is not a pity party but a share so my white bothers and sisters can get a glimpse into our world.
Perspective on our experience as black people....Think about this not too long ago from my hometown...
My dad just three or four years ago (May He Rest In Peace-he passed away in January) was driving mind you he was 83-84 at the time with a heart machine gets stopped by Police officer for not wearing his seatbelt and the first thing the Police officer who was white asked was did he have drugs in the car.
Let that sink in.
This man didn’t smoke, or drink in years, never did drugs was a school principal, never arrested nothing. I was livid and he just said Brian pick your battles this is what we have always lived with. This from a man who led marches in the 60s for equal rights. He was tired and weary. Basically what he was saying is that this is not so much our fight as it’s our white brothers and sisters fight within themselves to change a system they created in our country that benefits them to a system that benefit all.
Let me ask my white brothers and sisters this question? Would that have happened to your 83-84 year old husband, father or grandfather? We know the answer.
...this is not to blame or to have a pity party its to help others understand this is what we deal with. I have had so many white friends reach out and asked to learn recently and it’s encouraging. Are you willing to listen and learn without responding. Just hear us?