Letting Our Children Speak

My two children have been standing on Gallows Road, holding banners for Black Lives Matter and justice for George Floyd. Both are preparing for tomorrow. We have a family-friendly march scheduled tomorrow at 7 in the evening in Annandale. The march is organized by parents from Mason Crest Elementary School. The meeting place is in front of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church at the corner of Columbia Pike and Lincolnia Road. The march begins from the church and ends at the Mason District Government Center. A short program that includes a moment of silence followed by short speeches from a parent, an educator, and from children in Annandale is scheduled at the Government Center.  Parents attending the marched are encouraged to have their children share their thoughts or inspirational quotes on racial justice. A keynote address from a student leader highlights the program. The program ends with a unity song. With COVID-19 cases still on the rise in Northern Virginia, people should wear masks and practice social distancing.