A World of Problems We Only Promise to Address

Gifted or advanced classes exemplify the absence of equity. The segregation of neighborhoods represents the epitome of income inequality. Climate change is caused by the way we live. These issues are now part of our social consciousness. In the recent primary elections in Virginia, candidates may have touched on one if not all of these concerns. Our future leaders have no choice since the world seems to agree that these are indeed the pressing issues of our times.

Results of a global survey of youth aged 18-35 years
Copied from Global Shapers Survey

Mentioning the issue is one thing. Doing something about it is another. Each one of these huge problems has a solution and yet, we often end with undelivered promises for the actions required truly entail a change of heart, an overhaul of one's mindset.

Abandoning advanced or gifted class is definitely an alluringly simple answer to addressing inequity in education. After all, research has shown convincingly that "expert performance is predominantly mediated by acquired complex skills and physiological adaptations". We, however, will not take this path since we are attached to the notion that education is a means to get ahead of everyone else. Providing low-income housing in an affluent neighborhood may appeal to those who champion social equity as long as it does not happen in one's neighborhood. Averting a climate crisis demands that we stop adding greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This is not possible as every activity we partake is tied to an energy infrastructure that continues to release more greenhouse gases into the air.

Elections come and go. We can and should do better.