Saint Jude, Patron Saint of Impossible Causes

"When all else fails, when we are in the most difficult of situations, we turn to Saint Jude, “Helper of the Helpless” and Saint of the Impossible", writes about the apostle. With the school year about to end and college admissions already being decided, a ruling by the Supreme Court in the Philippines on DepEd's K to 12 is becoming more and more like an impossible solution to a seemingly hopeless predicament.

Saint Jude Thaddeus
Above copied from Catholic Online

The Supreme Court in the Philippines is the same court that recently banned the field testing of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) eggplant and nullified biosafety guidelines of the Department of Agriculture. For some, the Supreme Court in the Philippines appears to be making a scientific pronouncement that is well above its competence. However, upon closer examination of the decision, the court is in fact stopping the field testing for the sake of transparency. The Supreme Court is upholding a decision made by a lower court years ago. The journal Nature reported on that previous decision in an article published in September 2013:
...In the Philippines the combined campaign of nongovernmental organizations and citizens persuaded the three-judge panel to ban field trials, which were already complete by the time of the ruling, arguing in part that existing biosafety protocols did not include sufficient citizen consultation....
The Supreme Court therefore only has reiterated the need for consultation. 

This case is in so many ways similar to DepEd's K to 12. These cases show up in the highest court for one reason. The legislative branch is simply not doing its job. 

Congressmen in the Philippines are doing something else besides debating what is good for the country and formulating sound policies and programs. Congressmen are busy doling out funds for local projects. Getting and spending pork has become the primary function of the legislature in the country. This practice becomes even more obvious when elections are near. It is therefore no surprise that most national policies and programs have been passed without consultation and a thoughtful deliberation. 

Parents of students and teachers at my alma mater are now pleading before the highest court in the Philippines. Their plea has been captured by all news providers. I guess only time would tell if their prayer is likewise going to be heard this time.

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