If K to 12 is ok, why need a survey to say so?

EDITORIAL - If K to 12 is ok, why need a survey to say so?
(The Freeman) Updated October 31, 2012 12:00 AM 

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The Department of Education has come out with the results of a Social Weather Stations survey that reportedly indicated more and more people have been convinced about the merits of the K to 12 program that it has rammed down the throats of Filipinos.

According to the survey (reports did not indicate who commissioned the exercise but it would surprise no one if it comes out that the DepEd itself did the commissioning), a whooping 72 percent of Filipinos have embraced K to 12.

Either the survey is a big lie (because most people you ask, rich or poor, young or old, hate the K to 12 to their guts) or a big letdown — why only 72 percent, considering that people have no choice but to accept it? It was forced down their throats and is now in force, remember?

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  1. Add two years or twenty does it really mater?

    The recent discussions to add two more years and an attempt to mandate a higher budget for education are unfortunately both negated by what is taught in the classroom. We have textbooks that teach carrots do not grow from seeds, that cop and cap are pronounced the same, and that cats, refrigerators and cars are simply ideas. We have teachers that have no concept of decent teaching methods as they try to teach higher level concepts before the foundations have been presented, to teachers that teach how one should feel about certain situations as well as testing on incorrect material.

    How can adding money to a problem be of any use when the problem is the people that are responsible for the education system to begin with? It would be nice to say that with the next election we can solve the problems. Unfortunately most of the people that are causing the problems with our education system are not elected. They were hired, appointed or dare I suggest the possibility that other methods were used to get their job.

    Unless we get rid of the principles, the teachers, the administrators and the Department of Education employees that in ANY WAY allow the low quality of education to be in our schools the problem will continue regardless of anything else that might be done.

    Of course all the people will say, “It is not my fault, this poor quality material is what we were given to use by someone else”. Let me ask anyone that would dare use that excuse to pretend you went to a restaurant and ordered a hamburger. The restaurant then hands you a raw rotting maggot infested fish on a plate with uncooked bread dough plopped on top of it. Would you accept the order or send it back and demand a refund of your money?

    I suspect any mentally competent person would want a refund.

    So why do so many people from teachers to principles to the highest levels of government accept the “rotting fish” and then have the audacity to give it to our children?

    Perhaps we do need to start questioning the competency of the people in our education system regardless of what degree and how many degrees they claim to have.


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