Celebrating World Teacher's Day

On UNESCO's homepage:

World Teachers' Day 2012: Take a stand for teachers!


To celebrate World Teachers' Day, here are some YouTube videos to watch. They provide stories of lives of Philippine teachers:
  • ACT@30 years
  • A Rainy Day Rally
  • Good Morning Teacher
  • "The Learning: Philippine Teachers in Baltimore"
  • Guro: Stories of Hope, Dedication and Courage
And at the end there are videos from Singapore and Finland. But first, an infographic on Teachers in the Philippines:

Let us get to know more about the Filipino public school teacher as we celebrate them this October 5, 2012 for Teachers' Day.
-Ryan de la Cruz, 
High School Social Studies Teacher · Muntinlupa City

ACT @ 30 years: The History of the Militant Teachers' Movement in the Philippines

Teachers' Dignity Coalition (TDC) National Chair Benjo Basas in a rainy mayday rally in Morayta, Manila for teachers' pay increase.
"This film will take you to a poignant journey in a teacher's life in a certain public school. It will give you a glimpse of the sacrifices and challenges a teacher faces in a society where reality bites hard. The film gives us hope and a fleeting assurance that things can get better if we have passion and extreme love in what we do."

"In the new documentary, "The Learning," filmmaker Ramona Diaz follows four Filipina women facing their first year as teachers in Baltimore's public schools. This excerpt is part of The Economist Film Project, a series of independently produced films aired in partnership between The Economist and the NewsHour."

Carlos P. Romulo Foundation for Peace and Development in cooperation with the Foundation for Information Technology Education and Development (FIT-ED) presents this documentary on the Filipino teacher.

"2011 commercial by MOE (Ministry of Education) Singapore.
Teachers are mentors and role models to their pupils. They influence young minds and inculcate sound social and moral values through word and deed, within and outside the classroom. They must impart to pupils learning skills, thinking skills and life skills to cope with the future; an attitude of continuous learning and improvement; and a sense of commitment and belonging to Singapore."

"Heljä Misukka, the Secretary of State for Education, told euronews: "What is also maybe quite special in Finland is that teachers are quite autonomous in what they do, so they can, for example, choose the materials they like or the pedagogy they use. They have a lot of freedom in their work.""