A Wish For Education in 2015

If I have to write Santa my wish for basic education, I would simply echo what we heard this past World Teacher's Day; Invest in Teachers.

The field of medicine got it right. Indeed, advanced equipment and new therapies are simply enablers. It is only the health care worker: doctors and nurses, who can really make treatment happen. In education, it is only the teacher that can really treat each student as a person. It is only the teacher that can truly personalize learning and meet the educational needs of a pupil. This blog therefore simply reiterates what the The Global Thematic Consultation on Education in the Post-2015 Development Agenda has stated with regard to teachers:

We support our teachers by:
  1. good conditions of employment, including appropriate contracts and salaries, and prospects for career progression and promotion;
  2. good conditions in the work environment, based on creating school contexts that are conducive to teaching; 
  3. high-quality pre-and in-service training for teachers, based on respect for human rights and the principles of inclusive education; and 
  4. effective management, including teacher recruitment and deployment.
I hope I am not in the naughty list so that the above wishes can be granted.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the readers of this blog.

Image credit: Georgetown University