The Coronavirus: Playing Your Part

The following is a guest post from my 10-year old daughter, Amelia. This is an article she wrote for her school's newspaper where she also acts as one of the editors.

What is a valid way to help others, and yourself, with the coronavirus? Well, that is what I will be talking about. There are many ways to help yourself, and others, but the most important one, in my opinion, is washing hands, because it is great at preventing the coronavirus. Here are more ways to keep safe and help others.

Wearing Masks
Masks are something that we need. But I should inform you, it does not protect you from others. The reason why our Governor and other government officials are recommending masks is because most people who have the coronavirus don’t show symptoms. That is why everyone should wear a mask. Because you could have the virus at this very second and not even know! So, to be clear, the mask is not there to protect you, it is there to protect others if they do not have the coronavirus. You see, the virus travels through moisture in the air. When we breathe there is moisture, which means the mask can trap our breath from spreading. That is why everyone has to wear masks, because if you don’t you can spread the virus to others. There is a type of mask that can protect you, the N-95 respirator, but you need to save those for hospitals. Hospital and other healthcare workers are risking their very own lives to take care of patients right now. So, it is time we help them, we play our part, and make sure the coronavirus does not spread.

Staying Inside
Staying inside helps you and others. You should not go outside unless there is something essential. Examples: groceries, medicine, and cleaning items. Exercise can also be essential, like walking. These are all things that you need to go out for. So, unless it is an emergency, please stay inside the house where you're safe, and you are far from others.

Helping Yourself
As I said in the beginning, washing your hands is very important. To make sure you stay safe, here are the steps for washing hands:
·       Step 1. Cover your hands in water.
·       Step 2. Put soap on your hands and scrub.
·       Step 3. Wash away the soap (for 20 seconds),
·       Step 4. Dry your hands.
Please wash your hands often for your own safety.

Touching Your Face
Your hands can get a lot of germs on them from touching anything, and you do not want germs on or near your face. So even after you wash your hands, try to avoid touching your face. You may not realize it, but you touch your face more than you think!

Impacting Kids
Some of you may know that kids do not have as big of an impact if they get the coronavirus, but kids are definitely exposed and infected with this virus. They have to be hospitalized and some of them have to be “intubated” (a process of inserting a tube through the mouth). So, whether or not you think you're safe, please stay home and wash your hands, because this virus still is a threat.

Infecting Many
Did you know that 60% of people that are tested positive do not show symptoms! Which means, you may have the coronavirus right now and not feel it or know it! This is why we have to stay home. We are not testing a lot in Virginia, so we probably have more cases than we think. Plus, we are mostly only testing a certain age group. Well that is wrong! ALL ages can get the coronavirus. I don’t know what people have been telling you, but this is something that can affect EVERYONE! So, don't underestimate something like this. Remember the risks, and what some families can be losing right at this moment. Stay away from others.

The coronavirus is not a joke. Staying at home is crucial. People are losing jobs, and are scared for loved ones. Please take this seriously and think before you do something. Because in times like these, everyone has to play their part. We all n eed to work together.