Wake Up! DepEd, Philippine Schools Are Failing

While some activists are bickering about the removal of Filipino subjects as required courses from higher education and the secretary of education Leonor Briones says "While were picking up on Science and Technology, we should not forget sports, culture, and history", we are totally missing the fact that basic education in the Philippines has recently taken a nosedive because of DepEd's K to 12 curriculum. National Achievement Test scores especially in mathematics and science have dropped drastically to 37.30% and 30.94%, respectively. These scores are not even half the passing score in these tests.

The Grade 6 scores should be alarming especially when compared to years prior to the new curriculum.

The dramatic drop occurs across all subjects, with marked deterioration in mathematics and science. This shows that the spiral curriculum is not working. When students do not reach grade level in these subjects, the spiral only becomes a "broken spiral". It is not possible to progress as most students are left behind.

The drop in both Filipino and English illustrate the failure of trilingual education in the country. Schoold cannot teach three languages to the students. It is ambitious but totally reckless.

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Since high school students have not been fully exposed to the new curriculum, the drop in scores are not yet as bad in the Grade 10 National Achievement Test scores.

Still, scores in mathematics and science are dismal. Hearing the secretary say, "While were picking up on Science and Technology....", only illustrates that this problem will become worse since the denial is profoundly deafening.