Congratulations, Karen Keys-Gamarra

Karen Keys' Gamarra captured last night the largest number of votes, endorsing her for one of the "at-large" seats in the Fairfax County School Board. Gamarra has been with the school board for one and a half years and yet, has initiated and supported the following:
  • Presented a motion to amend the opioid curriculum to make sure our students understand the dangers of casual drug use of any kind including the use of marijuana, new levels of potency and its impact on addiction leading to opioid use.
  • Sponsored a budget amendment to provide more behavior intervention teachers to improve the experience of our special education students
  • Sponsored a budget amendment to reduce discipline referrals and increase restorative efforts.
  • Sponsored a budget amendment to maintain Title I funding for our high poverty schools.
  • Sponsored a motion to address disparities in advanced academics by increasing access for all students (study in progress).
  • Focused on anti-bullying efforts and greater understanding of cyber bullying.
  • Focused on Title IX processes to assure parents and students that sexual misconduct will not be tolerated in our schools.
Her support for equity in education is evident in her effort to focus on restorative efforts instead of disciplinary measures which at the moment affect disproportionately students of color, low-income and disabilities. She works hard to ensure that teachers are trained in effective behavior interventions for special education students. And last but not the least, Gamarra is actively working to improve equity in the advanced academic programs in the county.

Congratulations, Karen Keys-Gamarra. The support you got during this endorsement vote is a testament that Fairfax county cares about equity in education.