In the United States, Housing Problem Is a School Problem

Children generally attend the schools within the neighborhood their family lives. When neighborhoods are segregated according to house prices, schools are inevitably segregated according to family income. To address inequity and lack of integration in schools, it is equally necessary to address residential segregation. It is therefore easy for me to endorse a fellow faculty member at Georgetown University, Alicia Pierhoples, who is running for chairperson for the county board. Georgetown University's student newspaper Hoya notes, "Georgetown University Law Center professor Alicia Plerhoples is running for chair of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in hopes of aiding Fairfax County's disadvantaged communities by focusing on affordable housing and early childhood education."

Above copied from The Hoya

This blog first mentioned Professor Pierhoples in Why We Need to Pay Attention to Our Priorities where she correctly points what priority our school district should choose: Commenting on a recent budget hearing in our county, candidate for board chairman, Alicia Pierhoples writes, "17,000 low-income children are eligible for pre-K in FCPS but the Board has only added 36 new pre-K slots in the FY20 budget." Affordable housing that integrates families in the county and supporting early childhood education for low income children are necessary to achieve equity in our schools.

It is true that one must not pay too much attention on rankings of schools or school districts on the internet since these are often decided solely by scores in standardized tests. However, there is a scorecard that every school district must take notice. It is the report card from ProPublica. And this report card leaves a lot to be desired for Fairfax county:

Fairfax County Public Schools' scores from ProPublica

Hispanic students, on average, are academically 2 grades behind White students. White students have a lot more learning opportunities than Hispanic students. Black students are a lot more likely to be suspended and the distribution of racial groups among schools is uneven. These problems can be solved with the two priorities Pierhoples has chosen: affordable housing and early childhood education. I strongly endorse Professor Alicia Pierhoples for chairperson of the Fairfax County Board.


  1. Indeed, the problem of affordable housing is a universal challenge. ... In the Philippines alone, the backlog on socialized housing was estimated to have reached 5.7 million units in 2016. At this level, the government would need to build 2,600 housing units every day over a six-year period to resolve the said backlog.



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