Get the Vaccine and Keep Wearing a Mask

They say, "It takes a village to raise a child". With the coronavirus pandemic, it takes the entire world to extinguish COVID cases. We are now just weeks before school starts and another wave of cases is imminent. Children have already missed more than a year of in-person schooling. The risk of school closures is once again with us in so many places in this world. It takes time to learn how we should address challenges. However, plenty of time have already passed and there is now clarity in what we must do. There are vaccines that are effective against this virus. We also know that wearing masks greatly curbs its transmission. Unfortunately, that is not the difficult part. What appears insurmountable is the fact that we all have to do our part.

Above copied from MITMedical


The longer it takes for us to rise to this challenge, the greater the opportunity for the virus to mutate into a variant that can thrive even with vaccines. That, of course, brings us to an even more precarious situation. Yet, while less fortunate countries are clinging onto a thin piece of thread as they wait for vaccines, there are millions of people in rich countries that are still reluctant to take the vaccine. Thousands fall in line in flooded streets in Manila to get the shot on their arms. 

Vaccines are expiring in the US while poor regions in the world are anxiously awaiting their turn.

Basic education faces enormous challenges precisely because it requires collective effort. We are simply unable to work together. And in all of these challenges, time is not one our side.