Virginia: No Standardized Testing This Spring

My fifth grader and eight grader do not know this piece of news yet but, apparently, the state of Virginia is planning to cancel the Standards of Learning (SOL) tests this Spring. This requires approval from the federal government since the state is required to administer these tests so the cancellation is not final yet.

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Unlike the Nation's Report Card, which samples schools and students, Virginia SOL tests are required for all students. In order to graduate from high school 12th grade students need to pass these tests. A standardized test being used as a requirement for graduation does not make sense. It only highlights our lack in trust in teachers, who are in a much better position to assess where their students are. Standardized exams are like taking the pulse, a teacher's assessment is like an executive physical check-up. With the school closures, cancellation of standardized exams will take a huge load off the shoulders of both students and teachers. This will provide a better arena for online learning where both students and teachers can exercise creativity and flexibility. SOLs should be the last thing to worry about especially under present circumstances.