Those Who Do Not Have A Voice Need Our Votes

So much is at stake this coming Tuesday in Fairfax county. The results of this election will decide whether our schools march forward or take a step back against equity and inclusiveness. There is a dramatic difference between the two sets of candidates. One group aims to bring our community to work as one while the other stokes the flames of divisiveness and intolerance. One calls for our commitment to protect and serve all our children while the other caters to our prejudice and opinions. In education, it is important that we are guided by evidence and research, yet our county currently has candidates spawning lies and misinforming the public. All of the children need our support. There is absolutely no room for bigotry. Candidates who resort to spewing lies and sowing division do not deserve our vote.

The above has been distributed in Fairfax county

Seriously?  Are these issues more important than the achievement gap between races, between poor and rich children? Are these more important than the academic challenges we now face?

There is a clear line between truth and lies. Education cannot and should not tolerate lies. And if a candidate for the school board cannot adhere to the truth then that candidate does not deserve to sit on the school board. We must protect our schools especially for those who do not have a voice. We must protect immigrant children. We must work hard to provide access to the curriculum to all students regardless of race, gender and socio-economic status. We must respect all children regardless of their gender identity. Basic education is not sorting children and it is not turning people against other people. But most of all, education is not about telling lies.

Let us place the right people in our school board:

School Board At-Large
(703) 587-7104
At-LargeRachna Sizemore Heizerelectrachna.comJames O’Brien
District School Board Member
Hunter MillMelanie
(703) 216-2114
Mt. VernonKaren Corbett
(703) 454-9369
SpringfieldLaura Jane
(703) 655-6641