Teachers Will Give Their Lives to Save Children

We have first-grade teachers Victoria Soto and Kaitlin Roig, music teacher Maryrose Kristopik, principal Dawn Hochsprung, school psychologist Mary Sherlach, Special Education Teacher Anne Marie Murphy. All of these individuals risked their lives to protect their students at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Three of them, Mary, Dawn and Anne lost their lives. On the other hand, the security officer during the Parkland shooting, Scot Peterson, is facing charges that include culpable negligence for his inaction during the massacre inside the school he was assigned to protect. We do understand the consequences of not acting to protect our children, but equally infuriating is the fact that we have politicians who would not even risk their career to help secure our children inside schools. We are not even asking them to give up their lives to save children. We are simply asking them to pass legislation that makes sense at the price of losing support from gun lobbyists.

Yesterday morning, young lives were lost once more because of gun violence.

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Lawmakers are as culpable as officer Peterson. Worse, instead of passing laws that will protect our children, some legislators are busy creating division and strife among us. In Ohio, a bill just passed its lower house. The proposed law places religion above science.

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And apparently, we can easily adopt policies that will discriminate against those who do not share our beliefs.

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But we cannot protect the lives of our children....