Prudence Is A Virtue

As human beings, we have been granted the gift of being able to control oneself by the use of reason. It is called prudence. With this virtue, we can see ahead and anticipate the challenges. Without it, we could either be reckless or cowardly. Doing the right thing and making things happen requires both will and reason. Having the desire, however, is not enough if the dream is impossible or if the plan of action does not address the real problem. On the other hand, having the reason alone requires courage especially when one is going against the tide. We expect our leaders to be able to address our needs, but society likewise cannot thrive with leaders who will not stop promising the impossible.

Above copied from NBCNews

There is a difference between something that is possible but difficult because it requires political will, and something that is simply impossible no matter how much will there is. Achieving equity in schools is an excellent example of a difficult task but possible if there is a will. Preventing climate change sadly could be an example of the latter especially if we are talking about local elections.

Climate change is global. The reason behind the increase in greenhouse gases in our atmosphere can be traced to the laws of thermodynamics. There is agreement among scientists with regard to climate change being man made but one must also take note that scientists also fear that climate change at this point is almost inevitable. Warding off climate change requires at least zero emission of greenhouse gases. Our electrical infrastructure is still mostly carbon-based. Even transformers of electricity contain an even more powerful greenhouse gas, sulfur hexafluoride.

A candidate for the school board in Fairfax county posted the following on Facebook:

If we now expect more days during which the high temperatures are going to be in the nineties then it is prudent that we ensure school buildings remain habitable for children and their teachers. There will be greater demand for air conditioning. It is true that we need to ensure that math and reading do not trump our obligation to teach environmental literacy but we must not neglect the real challenges climate change will bring to our schools.

Schools in the Philippines can significantly increase environmental awareness. Schools can even require students to care for a garden, plant trees, and conserve both water and electricity, but leaders must still face the need to keep schools safe in the face of more frequent and stronger typhoons, widespread flooding, and crop failures. It requires prudence - knowing that indeed, we will be facing huge problems in the years to come.