Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Champion For Equity In Education

During my high school days, the boys were taking a class on automotive while the girls were in a home economics class. My son, on the other hand, really enjoyed taking a home economics class in middle school. He learned how to bake, how to cook, and how to sew. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was uncomfortable in her home economics class as she longed to join the boys who were doing shop in school. Equity in education involves not only equity in race or socio-economic status. Equity also includes gender. Educating all means educating all, no exceptions. Ginsburg's opinion on the Supreme Court decision to force the Virginia Military Institute to include women in its admission illustrates her firm belief that we are all still working toward the more perfect union in which there are no more people excluded or ignored. Ginsburg's tenure in the highest court of the United States truly embodies what we are seeing in yard signs nowadays: "

In This House We Believe: Black Lives Matter . Love is Love. Women Rights are Human Rights. We are all Immigrants. Kindness is Never Wasted.

These are true ideals of equity that are, without any doubt, important in education. It is still a work in progress and we must continue to extend education especially to those who have been ignored or neglected in the past. We still have a long way to go. There remains inequity especially in education. For instance, the makeup of academic departments in most universities still do not match the makeup of the general population. This process, without doubt, takes generations, for inequity has been in the fabric of our schools for centuries. Years of remediation are not adequate as we must forever strive to build and nurture schools that serve each and every student, regardless of gender, race or socio-economic status. We need everyone in this journey. 

My daughter looks up to Justice Ginsburg. I am certain that Ginsburg has inspired a lot of female children. I only hope that the seed Ginsburg has planted will yield so much more in the generations to come.