Servants Make Things Happen

When the situation is not good, change is needed. Oftentimes, we focus too much on changing what is outside and not what is inside ourselves. Energy project CEO Tony Schwartz sums this up in his article on Harvard Business Review: "...the most effective transformation begins with what’s going on inside people — and especially the most senior leaders, given their disproportionate authority and influence.  Their challenge is to deliberately turn attention inward in order to begin noticing the fixed patterns in their thinking, how they’re feeling in any given moment, and how quickly the instinct for self-preservation can overwhelm rationality and a longer term perspective, especially when the stakes are high." I think the following tweet from the Philippine Inquirer illustrates why a change in mindset is important. The tweet has been shared on social media by superintendents and principals. Some even cite it as a prime example of servant leadership. It is indeed a demonstration of a mindset typical among Filipinos that prevent leaders from seeing what really needs to be done. The lack of proper facilities continues to haunt public schools in the Philippines. What is needed is not a leader who is willing to stand under the heat of the sun but someone who realizes that students and teachers in any school need a proper shelter for assembly that protects all from the elements. 

"Feeling first lady" is a political statement. An educator who is indeed thinking of students and teachers would have said instead, "If my audience are under the heat of the sun then I should as well." Such statement would be a better reflection of good leadership.